The Starlighters II “Directors Class” is aimed mainly at those who would like to direct shows on the Starlighters II stage someday, and has been designed with that in mind. However, the class would also be of value to those who are interested in directing and/or acting in general.

Anyone 14 year of age or older may attend. An exception is made for those under 14 who have successfully completed the Starlighters II Young People’s Theatre (YPT) “Theatre I” and “Theatre II” workshops, and have acted in at least one of the short plays that make up the YPT Recital Night.

It is strongly suggested that individuals registering for the “Directors Class” have acting experience, or have taken at least one acting class.

Successful completion of the Starlighters II “Directors Class” is mandatory for anyone wishing to direct a show on the Starlighters II mainstage.

Here is a list of some of the elements of directing to be covered in the class:

•   play selection
•   specialized script readings
•   the use of French scene charts
•   audition forms
•   the audition process and casting the show
•   warmup exercises
•   the rehearsal process
•   elements of organization
•   marketing
•   organizational elements unique to Starlighters II
•   creating a budget
•   blocking scenes
•   character development
•   internalization of character
•   scene study
•   professionalism in the directing process
•   working with production crews
•   styles of working with an assistant director

The Starlighters II “Directors Class” is held one night a week for 6 weeks. Each class night consists of 3 hours.

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