Starlighters II Theatre is an ALL-VOLUNTEER organization. No one is paid anything for his/her work at Starlighters II. Those who have made this theatre so successful over 38 years have done so out of the goodness of their hearts and souls.

It is these volunteers who are responsible for the ever expanding collection of shows, events, programs and education Starlighters II maintains.

Therefore, volunteers make up the life blood of Starlighters II Theatre. To continue the growth in programs, service, and excellence in this organization, we need new volunteers in all areas of this theatre more than ever before.

If interested contact us at (319) 462-4793 or e-mail us at


Volunteer Areas

Box Office:
It involves such things as helping to answer the telephone during the two-week reservation period before shows; taking reservations; keeping track of seats sold; helping the box office manager during performances; handling the purchasing of tickets on performance nights.

It involves being willing to bake (or purchase) cookies, brownies, bars, etc. to be served as refreshments during intermission of shows.

It involves such things as working with the costumer to find costumes for a specific show; sewing costumes and costume parts, which requires a basic knowledge of sewing skills (Those jobs range from buttons, hems and trim, to the full construction of a costume); work with accessories such as jewelry, shoes, hats, belts, buttons, lace, ribbon; etc.; setting up dressing rooms; returning costumes to storage; cleaning costumes; assisting performers with costume changes during performances; checking out costumes that are being rented or borrowed.

Front Of House:
It involves such things as Greeter (Attending a performance at the theatre is an “event” for the patron. Greeters help set that mood, volunteer greeters are stationed at the main doors to the theatre. As patrons arrive, Greeters offer a friendly greeting and help patrons find the box office, restrooms, etc.); Usher (Ushers arrive well before show time, and help patrons find their seats and hand out programs; during intermission, they help serve refreshments in the lobby.)

Lighting, Sound, and Effects:
It involves such things as Light Board Operator (The Light Board Operator operates a computerized lighting system that is located in our tech booth above the audience. The Light Board Operator follows the show script and executes the lighting cues. He/she also checks lighting cues and tests the lighting instruments before the show.); Sound Board Operator (The Sound Board Operator controls sound cues from the same booth as the Light Board Operator. The Sound Board Operator is responsible for all audio recordings and effects that occur during a production. Audio effects may be run from a computer, CD player, mini-disc player, or tape deck. The operation of fixed or wireless microphones are also the responsibility of the Sound Board Operator.) Special effects, such as fog, smoke, wind, snow, bubbles, pyrotechnic effects, etc. are the responsibility of either the Light Board Operator or the Sound Board Operator, depending upon the needs of the show. Another duty could be checking out lighting, sound, and effects items that are being rented or borrowed.

Makeup and Hair:
It involves assisting actors with applying stage makeup to enhance their appearance onstage. These volunteers may also work with hair styles and wigs, depending on the needs of the show.

It involves such things as helping to distribute posters and table tents; designing mailers, posters, newspaper ads, etc.; painting signs; and many more ways to help promote shows and the theatre.

Musical Accompaniment:
It involves being willing to play a musical instrument for auditions, rehearsals, and/or performances.

It involves such things as painting scenery. Examples would be set walls, backgrounds, trim, floors, etc.

It involves such things as seeking appropriate items to be used onstage by actors. Props are often period-specific, such as a 1940s lamp post, a Victorian era clock, a World War II era gun, etc. Some come from the treasure of props in our Props Department, some are purchased, some are constructed, and others are borrowed items. Another duty could be checking out props that are being rented or borrowed.

Saturday Cleaning Days:
It involves helping as part of a team of volunteers who get together at the theatre on the Saturday, 6 days before opening night, to clean the auditorium area, the box office, rest rooms, the Green Room, the makeup area, etc. so that the theatre will be clean and inviting for our audiences.

Scenic Design:
It involves such things as reading the script of a show, and then sitting down with the director months in advance, and envisioning, with him/her, what the set will look like. Included in the design of the set would be layouts, colors, decorations, levels, etc.

Set Construction:
It involves turning a completed set design into the actual set pieces needed for a show, by constructing walls, platforms, stairs, etc through the use of tools. Our experienced set construction crew will look forward to getting to know you, and helping you learn how each task is done.

Stage Crew:
It involves such things as moving scenery on stage, placing and removing furniture and props during scene changes, and making sure all the props are in the right place before the performance and between each scene.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact us at (319) 462-4793 or e-mail us at

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